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What We Do

You're reading this page because you're ready to scale your ecommerce brand to the next level. That's great because we can help.

Our team focuses specifically on customer acquisition and optimization strategies. In other words, we help you acquire customers that pay more dollars and buy more often.

Our customer acquisition model includes, but is not limited to the following services.

  • eCommerce Development

    A lot of the time brands have great marketing efforts to drive traffic, but are unable to convert sales. Usually this comes down to a poorly optimized website. When we take a client on, we do a complete overhaul of your eCommerce website on the Shopify platform to ensure it's built to convert traffic into sales.

  • Facebook Advertising

    Our team has spent millions of dollars combined on Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns. Amongst our success, we've had A LOT of failed campaigns. While we know what works, most importantly we know what doesn't work! Working with my team, your brand will be in the care of experts that have been in the trenches of eCommerce, not some bogus service provider.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is incredibly powerful in this day and age. Contrary to popular belief, influencer marketing isn't a simple plug and play marketing method. You can't just pay an influencer to promote your product and watch the flood gates of sales open up. It doesn't work that way.

    Within our model we will identify, choose, and negotiate deals with the right influencers that will increase your brand awareness and ROI.

  • Email Marketing & Automation

    Too many brands have huge email lists of buyers that under monetized. If you have a good product, your email list is basically an ATM machine if you know how to utilize it.

    We create automated campaigns to nurture traffic into buyers and win back traffic that abandoned the checkout process.

    We also create campaigns through the week that keep your list engaged and generate revenue on demand.

  • Conversion & Revenue Optimization

    This is our bread and butter. Most of the brands we work with are already seeing huge success in the digital marketplace, however, there is always room to grow.

    Our optimization methods focus on filling all of the gaps in your eCommerce efforts in order to increase your average order value, life time value, and conversion rates without having to increase your marketing spend.

  • Creative Media & Content Marketing

    The internet has always thrived off of content. Nowadays it's a battle to stay in front of your customer because there is so much out there.

    We create content that is designed to envoke responses and nurture your potential customers into loyal fans of your brand.

Ready to scale your eCommerce store to the next level?

We're very picky about who we work with. Mostly because we want to be sure whichever brands we partner with are just as serious about their success as we are.


We'll perform a full audit of your eCommerce brand and marketing efforts to see where we can help fill in the gaps and scale your store to the next level.

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What Our Clients Say

"Harold Walters from Red Butterfly changed my life! He helped my take my online store to the next level!  From his instruction, I was able to optimize my site for traffic and sales and within a few hours started making sales.  Within three weeks, I made a little over $15k and it was ALL because Harold showed me what to do. This may sound like hype and this may sound like its too good to be true, but trust me, Harold knows what he is doing and he knows how to make you profitable!  He’s a marketing and ecom genius! Stop wasting your time and money and let his genius make you profitable!"

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    Ercell Ivanhoe Watson

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